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Aadi Infotech is an AI based cloud solution provider. We provide AI(Artificial Intelligence) powered cloud technology Solutions for your Industry or Business. Integrating your Business with the latest cloud services to automate your daily tasks and stay ahead of the rest.

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Providing Artifical Intelligence and Machine Learning solutions for your Industry by connecting your Business to the Cloud.

Data Analytics & Insights

Streaming Data and generating actionable insights using Machine Learning Solutions. Setting up Dashboard for viewing your Business Insights.

Industrial IoT

Providing Industrial IoT and Artificial Intelligence based Industrial Automation to enhance your Business Processes.

Python Development

AI based development using the latest Python technologies with Automations.

Chatbot Development

We’ll plan and develop custom unique AI-powered Smart Chat integrated with your Website.

Mobile App Development

Functional and high-performing apps through our Smart and Effective Mobile Development services.

Website Development

Our proven smart, creative and unprecedented website design services speak of your brand.


Use sustainable methods to build your organic rankings, attract tons of natural links, and increase your website traffic.

AI based Chat Solutions


Customer Support

Providing Intelligent Customer Support Chatbots which proactively interact with the Users on behalf of your Business.

Lead Generation

Designing Chatbots specifically for Lead generation to increase the Business lead and sales 24/7.


Highly productive E-commerce Chatbots which automate the purchase process on your shopping website.

Multi Platform

Apart from website, Chatbots can reside all the major Social Media platforms like facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, Skype etc.


Whats App Upcoming Features

Hide Last Seen

The the company is testing a new feature which lets people hide their ‘last seen’ status from only specific contacts.

Deleting Messages

By this feature users will be able to delete their sent messages from any time in the past, there will be no time limit.

Multi-device support

We will able to use WhatsApp on multiple devices without relying on your smartphone connection by this features.

Whats App Business Integration with Latest Features

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Welcome to WordPress 6.0

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