Whatsapp Business Integrations

WhatsApp Business is an OTT (over-the-top) chat app that brings the functionality and convenience of personal messaging to customer communications. More than 5 million business users take advantage of this popular messaging platform today.

Convenient Two-Way Communications

Improved, Fast and Secure Customer Care

Brand-Verified Conversations with proper Business Profile

Get Desktop, Mobile and Web Convenience

Whatsapp Business Solutions
Boost your Success

When used in conjunction with other mobile channels, WhatsApp Business becomes an indispensable element of a successful omnichannel marketing strategy.

Million Businesses
Billion Monthly Active Users
Biilion Active Installs

Watsapp Business Features

Use WhatsApp Business to notify or alert your customers of time-sensitive information, such as an itinerary change, system outage, or shipping alerts.

Create your ownWhatsApp chatbot to let customers easily book appointments with your business.

Help your customers remember their appointments and avoid frustration over rescheduling.

Support agents can communicate with customers in real-time to answer questions and resolve support tickets.

WhatsApp allows you to send multi-factor authentication messages, such as one-time passwords, with enhanced security and encryption.

Get valuable feedback that enhances your customer service and product development efforts.

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