Why SMART Website ?

Aadi Infotech specializes in designing effective virtual branding and developing W3C standard websites that are compatible with all devices.We bring the most satisfactory outcomes for your digital requirement and help your business to grow. We have a dedicated team of professional designers and developers, creating powerful and engaging websites.

We use ultra-clean and bold design style to provide standards-based markup code for your websites that boast exceptional Google result positions, help increase conversions . We believe that a good online presence starts with a SMART website  an it goes without saying that the majority of online experiences begin with your website.

Integrating Art With SMART


High speed of work, scalability, reliability, easy maintenance, 24/7 availability, lower cost are the advantages of cloud platforms, an excellent choice for web apps.

Universal Accessibility

Users can access functionality and content of web applications from anywhere, anytime and from any device. All the data and content are synchronized in real time.

Deep Integration

Web applications are easily connected to multiple third-party services, starting with payment gateways and ending with business automation services.

Responsive Layout

Independent of the size of device being used which makes it best suited design for every layout.We give high value to building a mobile friendly website

Optimized Code

Optimized code not only help you in ranking but also helps you in reducing the loading time. When beautiful interfaces meet flawless coding standards you feel good.

Online Support

Dedicated resources always available 24/7 to provide you with the appropriate assistance. Always updating you with the latest Technologies and Trends.

Domains We Build Sites For

E-Commerce Portals

Our Progressive E-commerce portals ensure your Business is on 24/7/365 days a year.

Social Networks

We bring together Standard Social Networking functionality and unique Business requirements.

Educational Portals

We make user-friendly and easy-to-use E-learning portals with wide set of functions and possibilities.

Business Portals

We build innovative and SMART solutions for all kinds of Businesses- whether Small or Big.  

Medical Portals

We also have experience developing solutions for Medical institutions, Clinics and/or Hospitals.

Legal Services

To stand out from the wide variety of other Law firms, One should have a good representation on the Internet. 

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