How To Create a ChatBot On Facebook


February 18, 2022

How To Create a ChatBot On Facebook

What is it and what is a chatbot on Facebook helpful for?

Surely your business counts with a Facebook page to provide information to the public. In its eagerness to provide more tools to businesses, Facebook has recently incorporated a new functionality: the possibility to implement chatbots in Messenger to respond frequent questions from the clients and satisfy exact needs. The word chatbot is composed of two parts: “chat,” that means to converse, and “bot,” that comes from a robot. So, a chatbot in Facebook is an artificial intelligence program, capable ofconversingwith people, respond particular questions, and automatically provide suggestions. This way, it is possible to configure it to answer the public, according to the profile and exact needs of each business. To work, a chatbot in Facebook must integrate with the Messenger chat applicationand operate from there. Let’s see the benefits that having your own chatbot can provide to your business. Advantages of creating a chatbot on Facebook for your business

A chatbot allows you to:

  • Provide personalized attention to your clients in real-time.
  • Answer their doubts at any time of the day.
  • Add useful functionality to your Fan Page (which represents a great reason to follow you on Facebook).
  • Ensure loyalty with your clients by immediately answering their doubts.
  • Configure programmed questions, according to your different commercial objectives.
  • Offer basic attention without the need to pay a person to fulfill that role.
  • Catch doubtful clients by providing the answer they need at the right moment.

To obtain the maximum benefit of a chatbot in Facebookit is fundamental that you determine what its primary objective will beThat way, for example, it can help you answer technical questions about your products or location, or you can configure it to promote an offer or link, amongst other possibilities.  

How does a chatbot in Facebook work?  

Now that you know its uses let’s see how a chatbot in Facebook works. Through the Facebook Messenger’s API (Application Programming Interface), the chatbots can interact with people through texts, videos, images and buttons of call-to-action.














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