Conversational AI 1-Introduction


February 10, 2022

Conversational AI 1-Introduction

A “Dialogue System” is a computer program that supports spoken, text-based or multimodal conversational interactions with the humans. However, a difference is made between task-oriented and non-task-oriented dialogue systems. In task-oriented dialogue systems the human user and the system take part in an interaction to accomplish some task. In non-task-oriented dialogue systems the human user and the system take part in general conversational interaction.

This Introduction begins with a brief discussion of what a dialogue system is and why researchers and developers have a dream of creating a conversational computer. Also there is a brief historical review, describing some of the achievements as well as the limitations of earlier dialogue systems. There are examples of current systems and how they are deployed on different types of platforms and devices. Also there is requirement for a system to be able to engage in dialogue with human users and to what extent current systems meet this requirement. The three different approaches which are: the traditional approach in which systems are developed using handcrafted rules; an approach that emerged in the late 1990s in which the dialogue behavior are learned from data rather than handcrafted; and an approach that has come to dominate current dialogue systems research from around 2014 in which dialogue systems are learned from data in an end-to-end fashion using deep Neural Networks. 






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