A Chatbot is a computer program you can talk to, through messaging apps, chat windows or in increasingly by voice. The Chatbot replies using same applications, creating a back-and-forth conversation.

Messaging Service Growth

Messaging technology has spread rapidly over the past few years to become one of the most used smartphone services. They have evolved to include features such as payments, ordering and booking otherwise would required a separate App or Website. Hence providing an All-in-one messaging support platform

Advances in Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence has also made significant steps forward in the past few years. Techniques such as Machine learning and Deep learning take advantage of vast amount of data and cheap processing power for dramatically improve the quality o understanding and decision making.


Chatbots matter mainly for the following reasons :

Results :

Although a chatbot cannot handle all customer queries, it can be used to deal with many of the routine queries that typically make up most service requests. 

Convenience :

Chatbots make it easy and fast for customers reach you using the same messaging services they use daily. Chat is also an easy medium for most people to use, arguably more so than apps and websites.

24/7 Personalized Assistance

Unlike human workforce chatbots do not requires time-offs and they are available round the clock to provide personalized Assistance to every user.

Natural Language Processing

The conversational interface uses AI, natural language processing and machine learning to engage in a human-level chat and yields precise results to user queries by understanding their intent.


With good design and implementation we have repeatedly seen more than 80% of chats sessions resolved by a chatbot, which would have otherwise been handled by a human agent in a chat session or call.


We at Aadi Infotech have our own Customer Chat based Support System. Some of the main aspects or advantages of the System are mentioned below.


Accessibility to the dashboard from different platforms, whether it be from the Web or through Mobile Platforms(Android or iOS). This gives us the ability to respond to Customer Queries from anywhere and anytime.

Chat Bot Integration

Integrating with the Chat Bot helps us in providing Customer Support 24/7, even when a Human Agent is away. Whether it be day or night, Chatbots are always awake and responding to Queries.


We are able to transfer the chats and assign them to the appropriate Team Members or to the Chat Bot and Vice Versa. This helps in providing the Customer with a perfect solution to his Queries or issues.

Analytics or Reports

You can view the detailed Analytics and download Reports for your Chat System. (for eg. The total no of Conversations, Incoming or Outgoing) or get Custom Reports Generated specially for you.

Quick Replies

Instead of typing the entire Message for common responses, just feed in the shortcuts to those messages. This saves us the time by not typing the same long messages again and again.

Email Notifications

Get notified in your Emails when you're away about the chats, so that you do not miss any of them. This helps in always staying updated with all the messages.


Chatbots are effective where the customer requests are in a specific area and solutions are well known and predictable, such as troubleshooting or customer education cases where scripted answer can be developed rather than

Aadi Infotech's chatbot are easy to build. This bot building platforms help you and deploy your AI chatbot faster. You do not even need to know about coding and programming.

Chatbots are well suited to frequent use cases where the responses are often similar and the high volume creates the business case to automate the response and free up human agents to deal with more complex issues.

Aadi Infotech’s chatbots come with a 99% uptime. This means there is no lag while communicating with the bots and the decision makers have the analytics in almost no time.


Medical Assistants

Building Chat Bots has emerged as an effective approach for Medical Organizations. Health or Medical Chat Bots could potentially provide many different services. These Chat Bots are able to :

  • Set up Appointments for the patients by checking its calendar for the available Dates and Times and can also send reminders for them.
  • They can give the users Health related Information.
  • Medical Chat Bots are able to conduct one-on-one conversations visiting their Organization's Website.
  • They are also able to identify each patient's individual complaints and requests, and adopt a suitable approach to offer them the assistance they need
  • While they can't make official diagnoses, If you tell them your symptoms they can give you a likely diagnosis.

HR Assistants

HR Assistants sit on top of multiple systems of records an integrate information from varied sources to provide a front-end system of engagement to employees. There is no need for the employee to consult any other tool because the HR Chat Bot delivers accurate and instant answers to the queries. The HR assistants can be useful and efficient in the following ways : 

  • Increase the turnaround time, Improve the accuracy of answers, and eliminate the need for multiple systems to operate simultaneously.
  • Providing Job Assistance to the Candidates who approach them in search of Jobs by asking them questions regarding their Qualifications and previous Experiences.
  • It can also ask the Candidates to upload their Resumes and for any further discussions it can transfer it to a Human HR.
  • They ensure that the first impression of an Organization on potential Employees is favourable and their Experience is enjoyable.

Insurance Assistants

With Chat Bots and multi-channel integrations, Insurance providers can find a powerful way to meet Customer expectations and turn the traditional transactions into a two-way interaction. By offering Policy holders an improved Experience with a self service options that provides information and resolves issues real-time, Bots are changing the customer service arena in these industries. Here are just a few ways in which Bots are able to improve the Insurance sector :

  • Manage and Automate claim process quickly and efficiently.
  • Improve Customer engagement by providing personalized quotes.
  • Insurance Assistant Chats will show the user one response at a time with a quick approach which may include images, links, call-to-action buttons or direct payment options.
  • A Chatbot facilitates communication, enabling you to organize distributions, claims and support directly over chat.
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